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Published on TikTok, but Kompressor does not dance

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at 12:05 pm

Visual Studio Code now has a TikTok channel and they asked me if I wanted to contribute, so here you are:


A look under the hood ##vscode ##techtok ##codetok ##programming ##edutok

♬ original sound – Visual Studio Code

A 20 second video of me explaining that I like VS Code a lot as it comes with DevTools built in where you can see how the interface was done with HTML/CSS and JS.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Filmed me saying all the things on my balcony with my phone
  • Recorded my screen using Screenflow doing the things that I talked about
  • Created a 1080×1920 new project in Screenflow
  • Added my video as the background (weirdly enough I had to rotate it 90 degrees)
  • Resized the screen recordings accordingly and added a zoom action to the second one.

Screenshot of the screenflow template with the different video streams and editing interface

I had a longer meeting with the VS Code team on the merits of TikTok and how you reach a different audience that way. And I learned that edutok is a thing.
I don’t like the portrait format for showing off full code editors or browser functionality where the app by default is landscape, but I can see doing more of these in the future for the VS Code team. As to me joining TikTok, not sure. It already annoyed the hell out of me that the video keeps looping while I am answering comments.

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