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I have a new course on Skillshare: Product Management: Tools for Improving Product Accessibility

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 at 9:38 pm

Introduction photo of the course with me sitting on my desk

I’m super happy to announce that a new class of mine is now live at Skillshare. The title is Product Management: Tools for Improving Product Accessibility and in it I am covering a lot of tools to automatically check for accessibility in your products, but more importantly what you can do in your browser to make sure your products truly are accessible.

The course consists of seven lessons and is 36 minutes overall.

1. Introduction (3:59)
2. Accessibility and Why it Matters (4:21)
3. Automated Accessibility Tools (2:32)
4. Testing Color and Text Accessibility (9:34)
5. Testing Interaction Accessibility (8:48)
6. Testing Media and Image Accessibility (6:19)
7. Final Thoughts (0:35)

Here’s what Skillshare said about the class:

Reach more users of your product than ever before with Microsoft principal program manager Christian Heilmann!
Product accessibility is becoming increasingly essential to meet our ever changing needs and varied uses of the internet. Join Christian by putting yourself in the shoes of internet users, enabling you to develop products that are not only compliant with accessibility regulations, but flexible for a spectrum of uses.
Together, with Christian, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to make your product accessible and why it matters
  • The benefits and restrictions of using accessibility tools
  • How to test for color and text accessibility
  • How to test and fix issues of interaction accessibility
  • How to test and increase media accessibility

Whether you’re a developer who is looking to make your products easier to use or you have an interest in product accessibility in general, this class will get you to think like a user of your product, ultimately meeting the needs of more people.

If you aren’t already a Skillshare member, you can sign up and check the course with a a 14 days Premium Membership Trial.

Given the current situation, I didn’t fly to New York to record the class but had a camera man come to my place, so this course shows you how I work each day, which interestingly enough is the topic of another, upcoming, class on Skillshare.

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