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New article: “Beyond console.log() – level up your debugging skills”

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 at 12:41 pm

Today, Sitepoint released an article they commissioned me to write a few weeks ago that a lot of work went into and I’m happy with the result. In Beyond console.log – level up your debugging skills I describe a few features of Chromium browser developer tools and how they interact with Visual Studio Code.

syncing changes with workspaces

I cover the following topics/features:

  • Getting more information in your console.log() statements by wrapping values with curly braces
  • Formatting/converting log values with specifiers, for example console.log(‘%ix %s developer’, 10, ‘console’) resulting in “10x console developer”
  • Grouping logging statements
  • Using, console.warn() and console.error() to allow for filtering
  • Timing things with console.time() and counting with console.count()
  • Using live expressions to avoid slowing down your debugging with tons of log messages
  • Using Console utilities
    and built-in convenience methods like $() or monitor()
  • Using console.table() to display information, f.e. can you guess what console.table($$(‘img:not([src^=data])’), [‘src’,’alt’]) does?
  • Moving from Console to Sources
  • Using the Command Menu to access functionality faster
  • Storing your DOM manipulation scripts in Sources fo easier re-use
  • Enhancing third party websites with Overrides
  • Syncing changes you do in Developer tools live with your editor using Workspaces
  • Using the browser developer tools in Visual Studio code using the Edge Devtools for VS Code extension
  • Moving on to breakpoint debugging

VS Code Devtools extension

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