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JavaScript Jabber Podcast episode “Edge on Chromium”

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 at 4:11 pm today released the 404th episode of “JavaScript Jabber”, a podcast where a panel of experts asks guests about a certain topic. In this episode (which can be found, despite the number), they had Zoher Ghadyali and me as their guests and we answered lots of questions about the move of Edge to Chromium and what that means for developers.

You can read the notes and listen to the podcast on their web site or listen to it here.

I want to thank the devchat team and the panelists AJ O’Neal, Aimee Knight, Steve Edwards
and Dan Shapir for their time and insightful questions.

Some of the things we talked about are here:

If you have any more questions about Edge on Chromium and developer tools, don’t hesitate to ping us on Twitter:

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