Christian Heilmann

Talking to prismic about performance

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 4:57 pm

A few days ago, I flew to Paris to meet with Prismic and record a few videos on web topics. Today they released the first video where I talked about web performance, mistakes to avoid and tools to use to make your apps faster.

Here are the topics in detail:

  • 0:59 Managing performance on a browser, things we do wrong
  • 2:35 Improving your performance: image optimization and tooling
  • 5:27 Optimizing JavaScript download and execution time
  • 8:45 Using CSS instead of JavaScript
  • 9:51 Tooling advice for better performance
  • 11:58 How can GraphQL help for optimizing queries, download only what you need
  • 13:40 Perspective: Opportunities in the new standards of the web with HTTP2, Service workers

Discussed tools:

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