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New Skillshare course: Introduction to Machine Learning: Using Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 at 8:36 am

I am chuffed to announce that my first Skillshare course is going live today! The course is online and comes with a free two month subscription to Skillshare. You can watch it by following this link: or tapping on my nose in this still:

Chris Heilmann giving his course

Under the title “Introduction to Machine Learning: Using Artificial Intelligence” I have recorded about an hour of materials to get you familiar with the topic of AI.

This is not a hard-core Machine Learning and data science course and I invite anyone with an interest in the topic to participate.

You don’t need to be a developer or data scientist. Instead I wanted to create a series of videos for anyone interested in AI. Consider it a head-start without the hype or complexity other resources on the topic.

In about an hour of simple lessons, you’ll learn about a few of the use cases of Machine Learning and how to apply them to your day-to-day products.

The list of lessons is as follows (video length in parenthesis):

  • Introduction (1:44)
  • What is Machine Learning (5:25)
  • How We Teach Machines (5:48)
  • Machine Learning to Help Humans (5:28)
  • Tools for Machine Learning (3:44)
  • Visual Uses (7:54)
  • Speaking Human (6:07)
  • Audio & Video (6:32)
  • Personalizing Your Machine Learning (5:08)
  • Ethics of Machine Learning (5:32)
  • Machine Learning & Creativity (4:33)
  • Final Thoughts (0:32)

My big idea about this course is to entice you to be creative with the different machine learning/AI offerings out there. Artificial Intelligence is the next evolution in computers and human/machine interaction and I think it is high time to democratise it. For years online portals, personal mobile devices and microphones in our houses have recorded our data. A lot of good has come out of this, like virtual keyboards that learn from our usage patterns or voice recognition that isn’t guesswork.

However, only a few companies use this information to build intelligent, responsive interfaces for our users. In order to take the creepiness out of AI, we should all do this. Human interaction has been recorded for quite a while, isn’t it time we also get much better interaction across the board based on this data?

In this course, I will show how Machine Learning allows for automatic image detection and labelling, facial recognition and using it in an ethical fashion and how to provide interfaces that allow humans to type or say full sentences instead of learning interaction models that are outdated.

The course is available for all Skillshare users, or if you aren’t one yet, you can follow this link for two months of free access – more than enough time to finish this course and others.

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