Christian Heilmann

AMPed up

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 at 12:38 pm

With yesterday’s coverage of more rumours that Google search on mobile will rank AMP versions higher than normal HTML ones (The Verge and Nieman Lab reported) I thought it high time to take a closer look at AMP.

I will follow up with more in-detailed information about this and I’m chatting to the team in Google about the project, but here is the simple news: this blog is now also AMP enabled and you can get the AMP version of any post by adding a “/amp” to the URL.

The great thing about this? I had nothing else to do but to use the WordPress plugin (the source of which is also available on GitHub).

With AMP being an alternative representation of HTML content and a subset of it, this was easy enough. And frankly, I like the way it looks even on Desktop :).

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