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Making ES6 available to all with ChakraCore – A talk at JFokus2016

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 12:34 am

Today I gave two talks at JFokus in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the one about JavaScript and ChakraCore.

Presentation: Making ES6 available to all with ChakraCore
Christian Heilmann, Microsoft

2015 was a year of massive JavaScript innovation and changes. Lots of great features were added to language, but using them was harder than before as not all features are backwards compatible with older browsers. Now browsers caught on and with the open sourcing of ChakraCore you have a JavaScript runtime to embed in your products and reliable have ECMAScript support. Chris Heilmann of Microsoft tells the story of the language and the evolution of the engine and leaves you with a lot of tips and tricks how to benefit from the new language features in a simple way.

I wrote the talk the night before, and thought I structure it the following way:

  • Old issues
  • The learning process
  • The library/framework issue
  • The ES6 buffet
  • Standards and interop
  • Breaking monopolies


The Slide Deck is available on Slideshare.

Making ES6 available to all with ChakraCore from Christian Heilmann


A screencast of the talk is on YouTube


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