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Devfest Asia – JSConf Asia closing keynote and Microsoft Meetup

Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 5:01 pm

I am currently on a trip in Singapore, Thailand and Sydney for the next 8 days and today I presented at JSConf Asia and a meetup in the Microsoft offices in Singapore.
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JSConf Asia closing keynote

The closing keynote of the first day of JSConf Asia covered my worries that we are getting slightly overboard in our affection of JavaScript to solve every issue. It seems we have forgotten just how versatile a language it is and that how we use it depends very much on the environment we run it in. The slides are on SlideShare.

Overboard.js – where are we going with with jsconfasia / devfestasia from Christian Heilmann

I also recorded a screencast of the keynote and published it on YouTube.

Microsoft Meetup

As the audience at the meetup was more mixed, and I was deadly tired, I thought it is a good plan to create a presentation that covers how we can learn JavaScript these days. It explains the use cases of it, resources how to easily run a node and express server and talks about Visual Studio Code and how to clean up old and outdated code. The learning JS meetup slides are also on Slideshare.

Let’s learn how to use JavaScript responsibly and stay up-to-date. from Christian Heilmann

The screencast is on YouTube

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