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[Excellent talks] “OnConnectionLost: The life of an offline web application” at JSConf EU 2015

Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I spend a lot of timing giving and listening to talks at conferences and I want to point out a few here I enjoyed.

At JSConfEU this year Stefanie Grewenig and Johannes Thönes talked about offline applications:

I thoroughly and utterly enjoyed this talk. Not only because their timing worked really well and the handover from presenter to presenter went smoothly. I was most impressed to see an offline matters talk based on project/customer delivery data instead of the ones we normally get. Most offline talks explain the need, show the technology and ask for us to get cracking. This one got cracking and showed how things were done and what problems you run into.

The slides are beautiful, the storyline makes a lot of sense and at no time you feel condescended to. The talk also shows that some “impossible to use in production” technologies like DOM storage do work if you use them in a sensible fashion.

As a bonus – it has the cutest rhino at 11:55:

rhino cartoon

Double this with Nolan Lawson’s “IndexedDB, WebSQL, LocalStorage – what blocks the DOM?” and you learn a lot about local storage issues and solutions in a very short amount of time.

Thanks Stefanie, Johannes and Nolan. I feel cleverer now.

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