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Redact.js – having 60FPS across devices made simple

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 12:27 am

A lot of people are releasing amazing frameworks these days, so I thought I should have a go at an opinionated micro framework, too.

Redact.js logo

Redact.js allows you to have really fast performing JS apps across devices and on Desktop and Mobile. The framework is only a few bytes and uses gulp to get minified and ready to use.

The main trick is to avoid HTML rendering before the user interacts with it. In many cases, this is just by error as some JS wasn’t loaded. I thought, however, why not grab this opportunity?

Read more about Redact.js on GitHub and download the source to use it in your own solutions.

Built with love in London, England, where it is now 00:27 on April 1st.

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