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[review] Hybrid and future web meetup at Jayway in Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 at 11:50 am

Yesterday evening I went to Hybrid and Future Web Meetup at JayWay in Stockholm, Sweden.


The three hour meetup was an informal meeting with 3 speakers, great catering and drinks and some very interesting topics:

new skills for developersAndreas Hassellöf of Nordnet and Gustaf Nilsson Kotte of Jayway showed how they built the Nordnet banking app in a hybrid way. The interesting parts here to me where that they used Angular for the main app but native controls for the navigation elements of the UI to get the highest possible fidelity. They also created a messaging bus between the different parts using a pub/sub model for local storage. They are right now trying to find ways to open source their findings and I would love to see that get out. The other, very interesting part of this talk was how they used Crosswalk to inject a more modern Chromium into legacy Android devices to get much better performance.

firefoxOS architectureAnders Janmyr was next with a solid overview and live demo of Firefox OS app creation, distribution and debugging. Anders works for Jayway on Sony projects and it was interesting to see someone not from Mozilla or mobile partners talk about the topic I normally cover.

I closed the evening with a kind of preview of one of my sessions at Øredev tomorrow. In it, I talk about “modern” browser features that to me should be a “given” but got forgotten as we promised them too early to developers and legacy browsers did not support them. The slides are on Slideshare.

The unedited, raw screencast of my presentation is on YouTube (I say that because I made some mistakes in it – for example I bollocksed up the child selector explanation and one code example was missing a property):

This was the first time Jayway ran an event like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good “after work” experience. Moar!

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