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Help me write a Developer Evangelism/Advocacy guide

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 at 11:45 pm

A few years ago now, I spent two afternoons to write down all I knew back then about Developer Evangelism/Advocacy and created the Developer Evangelism Handbook. It has been a massive success in terms of readers and what I hear from people has helped a lot of them find a new role in their current company or a new job in others. I know for a fact that the handbook is used in a few companies as training material and I am very happy about that. I also got thanked by a lot of people not in a role like this learning something from the handbook. This made me even happier.

Frontend United London 2013

With the role of developer evangelist/advocat being rampant now and not a fringe part of what we do in IT I think it is time to give the handbook some love and brush it up to a larger “Guide to Developer Evangelism/Advocacy” by re-writing parts of it and adding new, more interactive features.

For this, I am considering starting a Kickstarter project as I will have to do that in my free-time and I see people making money with things they learned. Ads on the page do not cut it – at all (a common issue when you write content for people who use ad-blockers). That’s why I want to sound the waters now to see what you’d want this guide to be like to make it worth you supporting me.

In order to learn, I put together a small survey about the Guide and I’d very much appreciate literally 5 minutes of your time to fill it out. No, you can’t win an iPad or a holiday in the Carribean, this is a legit survey.

Let’s get this started, I’d love to hear what you think.

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