Christian Heilmann

A short developer evangelism handbook update

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 at 8:07 am

Following a few discussions I had with the developer evangelism reps group lately, I just added a small update to the Developer Evangelism Handbook. In the “Work with your own company” I added a new section called Balance your personal and official channels.

This one gives advice why it is not a great plan to publish company specific information on your personal blog or social media channels but instead on the official, company sanctioned ones. That way you don’t cause internal controversy and leave yourself open to moving on without burdening yourself with maintenance of information you don’t control.

In short: your company’s products are not there to promote you or your blog. You are there to promote the products and bring people to where the up-to-date, officially maintained information is. That is what being a developer evangelist is about.

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