Christian Heilmann

Mobile Solutions Day – Firefox OS:supercharged HTML5

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Yesterday I did a one-day round-trip to Frankfurt, Germany to speak at T-Mobile’s Mobile Solutions Day about Firefox OS and what it means for app developers. The slides are available here and I recorded a screencast with not-that-amazing-but-does-the-job audio here.

The whole conference was also streamed on the internet and the raw stream recording is available. My talk starts at 02:29:00 onwards. That said, there were some amazing other talks. I especially enjoyed the Ford presentation on making smartphones and smartphone apps controllable by voice and by hardware available in cars like buttons in the steering wheel.

All in all the mobile solutions day was an interesting first round of innovation showcasing inside Deutsche Telekom. More will come soon.

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