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First video of a Firefox OS series is live

Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 11:47 am

The last weeks I have been busy scripting (and then improvising as always) a series of videos explaining Firefox OS. These are now going live on a weekly basis.


Over on the Mozilla hacks blog, you can now find the first in a series of six videos explaining what Firefox OS is about. Under the description “Firefox OS - the platform HTML5 deserves” (a slogan I used in a few talks and interviews already) these videos are meant to explain a few things:

  • What Firefox OS is
  • How it is different to any other mobile platform
  • What it means for HTML5 as a movement
  • How you can be part of it
  • What its benefits are to you (a stable HTML5 platform with full hardware access aimed at a completely new and huge market of end users)
  • How to get started
  • Where to find documentation and file complaints and enhancement ideas

All in all, we thought a series of videos would be a good way to get the message out that scales better than talks and posts. Each of the videos will be about five minutes long and an interview/conversation between experts and me, namely in this case Daniel Appelquist ( @torgo) from Téléfonica Digital/ W3C and Desigan Chinniah ( @cyberdees) from Mozilla. The videos were shot over a period of two days in the London Mozilla office by Rainer Cvillink who did an amazing job.

Get over to the hacks blog and see the first video now, and feel free to spread it as far and wide as you can. Cheers.


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