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The vanilla web diet – keynote at Anglebrackets in Las Vegas

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 at 10:05 pm

I am currently in Las Vegas for the Anglebrackets conference and after suffering a American country music festival in my hotel I got up this morning to deliver the keynote, talking about using web standards and approaching web development in a simpler fashion. Here is the abstract.

Web development as it is right now suffers from an obesity problem. When computers and connections were slow we had to be frugal with our resources and optimised for the user, and not for us as developers. Our amazing machines and fast connections now allow us to not worry too much about page weight and dependencies. Or so we think. The move of our end users from desktop machines to mobile environments mean that a lot of what our products need is not available and – without being able to test those scenarios – we deliver a terrible experience. In this talk Chris Heilmann of Mozilla is going to show how using HTML5 and plain JavaScript together with CSS can help us build fast, beautiful experiences for the desktop and the mobile web and the next generation of platforms around the corner.

The slides are available online and the screencast is on YouTube

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