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Datatable to barchart without images, libraries or plugins

Thursday, August 16th, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Following the results of a survey on library use by developers I was asked to make it easier to do a head to head comparison of the data of one of the questions. I thought it’d be interesting to start a dynamic bar chart from scratch and it is incredible just how easy these things are nowadays.

Animated barchart from datatable example

Here is the final result:

The code is available on GitHub and you can see it in action there, too.

Check the code comments to see what I did – there is no magic in there, just using what browsers give us these days.

There is a bit more to it as I explain in this Screencast on YouTube:

If you don’t want the barcharts to show up but check if meter or progress is supported instead, add a parameter to the URL:

This is an interesting little demo as you’d probably be tempted to use meter from the get-go, but thinking about the data here makes a data table the best starting point.

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