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Bike theft in the Silicon Valley! Really? RIP -moz-bike{}

Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 8:59 pm

During my first trip to the silicon valley for Mozilla I went to a goodwill store and bought a bicycle to be independent of taxis. I left it in the office for everyone to use – the mozbike{} was born:

The Mozilla bike

Not many people used it, but it was cool to come back and to be able to dash off for a quick ride when I needed. Now yesterday this $99 second hand bicycle with broken breaks got stolen. I had locked it behind the Monte Carlo bar/nightclub thing on Castro Street in Mountain View and when I came back at 2am it was gone.

Now, if you are in the valley and you see the bike (it still has the goodwill stickers and $99 written on the handle bar) post a Tweet using #mozbike and cc me @codepo8 on it. If you see someone riding it – just cut in their lane as the breaks don’t work and justice shall be served that way.


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