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Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 12:38 pm

When my esteemed colleague Ara Pehlivanian told me that he plans to set up a web development lifestyle magazine called and asked me for participation I was reluctant at first as it seems a bit inbred. However, Ara had done such a nice job and I remember having had such good feedback to my Chris’ travel tips – Japan post here that I thought I have a go at sharing my wealth of experiences in traveling to conferences world-wide in the last year and set up a series of posts on webstylemag that give tips how to survive a mental travel schedule like mine. I’ve cut it up into 6 parts:

  • Part 1: “So what did I forget to bring?” tells you about how to pack, what to take with you and how to get to the airport
  • Part 2: “Dealing with discomfort and public humiliation” covers your experiences at airports
  • Part 3: “God I wished I had packed tranquilliser blow darts” covers the journey in the air
  • Part 4: “Parlez-vous Anglais?” – travel from the airport to the hotel
  • Part 5: “Checkout at 11” – going to the conference and back to the hotel
  • Part 6: “Here’s my business card” – travel back and conference follow-up

The first part dealing with packing your bags and getting to the airport is now online for your reading pleasure.

Hope you like it.


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