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Philip Tellis on Performance – a Developer Evening in London, England this Thursday

Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 10:26 am

Hi just a quick reminder that if you are in London, England this Thursday and you want to learn a lot about exceptional performance and how to make your web sites faster and how to really measure your success come to the Yahoo Developer Network evening with Philip Tellis at Wallacespace in Covent Garden this Thursday.

bluesmoon by  Premshree Pillai.bluesmoon by  t3rmin4t0r.

Philip is a person inside Yahoo I got boatloads of respect for. He is currently the main performance engineer in the company and has over the years proven to be an interesting and very knowledgeable developer on almost any topic I can think of. It can be scary at times.

So, bring yourself to Wallacespace on Thursday and before that, get your free ticket at:

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