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So what will I try to do in 2009?

Monday, December 29th, 2008 at 10:15 pm

(Normally I tend not to write any personal posts here, but hey, why not?)
It is the end of the year and time for new year’s resolutions. Luckily I had a great year and did most of the things I planned to do (the classics like losing weight, cleaning up the flat, changing my work and so on) worked out swimmingly. I gave a lot of talks, trained a lot of people, re-invented my job and organized my own event. All in all I am very happy about all that.

So then, for the coming year I’ve just written an article for Digital Web that will be released in the new year that covers a lot of my thoughts on what I want to do. Generally I am seeing harsh times ahead – people are spooked out by the financial recession and the short time fixes (yes, layoffs). This means to me that I am planning to do a few things differently to give myself space to work with colleagues and contacts to get through this.

My laundry list for the year:

  • be more moderate – I can get very cross about things that in the big picture are not of that much importance (this has improved constantly over the last few years though)
  • concentrate my work on markets and environments I hadn’t covered much this year – specifically universities as environments and South East Asia as markets (I am already scheduled for 3 university hack days in the US and India and plan to find more Hong Kong/China/Signapore/Australia/Taiwan/Korea assignments)
  • finish my work for the Opera Web Standard Curriculum (sorry Chris, I have delayed a lot)
  • write (or at least start) another book – this time for O’Reilly
  • look closer at my finances (I am terrible at that)
  • turn my flat into more of a home than a place to change suitcases
  • take Scripting Enabled more on the road. Somehow the “go forth and do it” doesn’t work that well…
  • clean out ;)

Let’s see how I will succeed.

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