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Yay, Yahoo UK finally looks for some junior developers!

Friday, April 4th, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Ever since I started working for Yahoo in England I’ve been lucky enough to recommend a lot of developers I wanted to work with for ages and get them hired to work here. One thing that annoyed me a bit is that we only took on very skilled and experienced developers. I consider a good team not to be people that are very very good but also a team where new developers can come in and grow with the rest of the team, learn from the others working on real projects and thus having a steady, maintainable, healthy flow of talent coming in replacing those that leave or want to move into other positions.

Now we get the chance to do so. If you are a web developer and you want to work with the very skilled people here in the west-end of London, check out the official job description below and send me a CV. Just comment here and I’ll mail you directly or send a mail to

Here’s the official job description:

Yahoo! Junior Web Developer – Job Description

As the world’s number one Internet brand Yahoo! delivers news, entertainment, information and fun to over a half billion people every day. Our European web development team, based in London, is seeking standards-savvy front-end developers to work on Europe’s busiest sites.
You should be able to provide examples of your work showing use of progressive enhancement techniques (e.g. unobtrusive scripting), and clear separation of structure, presentation and behaviour layers.

Required Skills

  • Hand-coded (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Solid knowledge of standards-based, accessible, cross-browser web development
  • PHP programming skills
  • User-level experience with BSD/Linux
  • Experience using version control systems such as CVS & Subversion

Desirable Skills

  • Client- and server?side performance optimisation techniques
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Experience in developing web applications with rich client interfaces using AJAX, drag and drop, and other DOM Scripting techniques.
  • Experience with JavaScript libraries, especially the YUI
  • Experience of Web Services (eg REST, SOAP, XML-RPC)
  • Knowledge of web site internationalisation issues and experience developing web sites in multiple languages particularly in Europe.
  • Use of the following technologies: XML/XSLT, Perl, Microformats, JSON, Flash/Flex
  • Experience developing functionality/applications by assembling existing code modules


You will work closely with Information Architects, Visual Designers, User Researchers, Software Engineers, and Product Managers to ensure that our web based products in Europe provide the best possible experience for our users.

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