Christian Heilmann

Public Flashing and Live Chat with sexy ladies in Germany

The first three days of this week were kind of a blur to me as I was back in Germany, specifically in Cologne for the Flash Forum Konferenz 2007 meeting the creme de la creme of German Flashers and monkeying around in front of my Powerpoint.

As I know not that much about Flash I had to come up with something special and gave an inspirational talk about how JavaScript started out as a geek blemish on your CV but now became probably the main criteria to hire front end web developers. The talk entitled “Emancipated JavaScript and the Coming Out of the Flash Community” (well, its German equivalent) went down rather well considering the feedback I got so far and the slides are licensed Creative Commons and are as always available on Slideshare:

I thought I was provoking and edgy having had several mild profanities in my slides but I realized that I am no match for Saban Ünlü, who built a really cool Flex based live video chat system for the adult entertainment market and managed to show around 200 Flash Developers in the audience the admin tool of the system with live data. Live data in this case meant lots of ladies on webcams in various states of nudity, performance and application of props. That said, he also showed how the system works and lots and lots of code. I’d have alternated code and adult entertainment in five minute intervals to keep the audience’s engagement up.

I’d have to thank the organizers of the conference and I was very proud to be the odd one out among and amazing array of great presenters, examples and ideas.

Here’s what I took away as action items for myself:

It was great to meet you all and I am looking forward to seeing all the photos and interviews I gave and had taken.

Now go out there and hug a Flash Developer, they are nice folk and do need to stand up more for themselves.