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Flickr badge light – no image display or carousel

Friday, September 14th, 2007 at 2:37 pm

After I released the second version of my unobtrusive flickr badge I got pestered by my colleague Marco to create a “light version” that does neither feature the carousel functionality nor the preview of the photos. In essence, he wanted a JSON driven badge to show his flickr thumbnails.

Alright then, here you go: check the flickrbadge light

The usage is as easy as the other badge, but after some more pestering I added some more goodies. To show a badge include a DIV with the class flickrbadge with a link to your flickr feed:

Afterwards include the script (only needed once in the document!):

You can suppress the links to your flickr feed by adding another CSS class called “nolinks” and you can define the amount of thumbs with a class called thumbs followed by the amount of thumbs, like thumbs5.


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