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New unobtrusive dynamic flickr badge

Monday, September 10th, 2007 at 9:53 pm

A work colleague who runs Tobago Retreats asked me to create a gallery badge that automatically shows her latest flickr photos in her gallery and I started another flickr badge from scratch.

The outcome looks like this:

The new dynamic flickr badge

All you have to provide is a link to the flickr stream or the tagged images in your stream as a text link with a DIV with the class “flickrbadge” around it.

The script is a single include and loads the style sheet and the YUI help files on demand when they are needed. Visitors can see your photos on the page and click the thumbnails to see the larger preview. You can style the badge any way you like by changing the supplied CSS file.

The script is licensed Creative Commons attribution and is free for use.

If there is interest in a step by step explanation how it works, retrieves the YUI files and the flickr data, I can write something up, but for the moment I’ll be happy about feedback on the script as it is.

It does not work in Opera at the moment and I have a bug request with them running.

Check out the script and download it on its homepage: dynamic JavaScript flickr badge v2

Image hosted on flickr.

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