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Enhancing YUI grids with equal height columns

Thursday, August 30th, 2007 at 7:48 am

One of the biggest issues of CSS layouts is that not all columns are the same height which makes it hard to style them in a traditional manner. You can embrace this change as a designer, but that seldomly happens.

Having played with YUI grids lately I realized this shortcoming, too. Nested grids don’t have the same height. I am sure you can tweak the CSS to do that (Ed Eliot showed a lot of options how to achieve equal height columns in the past) but I don’t get much fun out of CSS hacking.

What I like is JavaScript and as equal column heights are not really a vital part of a web site functionality, I am happy to use it to fix these issues.

As the YUI grids come with a defined set of CSS classes I have my hooks to apply JS functionality to and the script was easy to do using YUI Dom and YUI Dom Region.

Check out the demo page for equal height nested grids and download the script to use it in your own grid solutions.

All you need to do is to add YAHOO, YAHOO Dom and YAHOO Event (easiest with the collated yahoo-dom-event package) and the script in the bottom of your document’s body. The script automatically equals all columns in nested grids. If you don’t want all of them to be equal, define only those that need fixing by adding a “columnfix”CSS class.

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