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Being humbled talking about JavaScript – and more to come at @media Ajax

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 at 10:30 am

I am currently in [tag]Hongkong[/tag] training colleagues from Asia on how we do things in Europe. Or so I thought. I came here with [tag]Douglas Crockford[/tag] and [tag]Nate Koechley[/tag] to show what we’ve done in the US and the UK to make life easier for developers to create web sites and applications.

When we asked around for each team to show us what they work on and what things they needed input on we were in for a big surprise. It is pretty amazing what kind of implementations you see around Asian web sites and how naturally the developers here used the recommended technologies without ever asking or telling us about it. I can’t wait to bring back the findings the teams here documented to share with the folks back home.

That said, I am also learning about problems us latin font users don’t get and only come up when you use Mandarin or Korean. All in all this is a great experience, both in terms of sharing information and realizing how much of your work for the web standards movement gets used without you ever being the wiser. For example I found a translated PDF of one of my articles I didn’t know before.

Talking about being humbled talking about JavaScript, things are happening on the [tag]@mediaAjax[/tag] web site. The sessions are mostly defined and the already impressive list of speakers got some more interesting additions. Specifically the [tag]Ajaxian[/tag] folk [tag]Dion Almaer[/tag] & [tag]Ben Galbraith[/tag] and [tag]Alex Russell[/tag] of [tag]Dojo[/tag] join well-known JS speakers and scarcely seen people on the European speaker circuit. If you want to talk JS and Ajax, I am quite sure there is hardly any better summit to go to this year.

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