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Presentations2.0 for a world2.0 with Slackrpoint!

Friday, August 3rd, 2007 at 1:14 pm

If you ever wondered how to make a fast presentation2.0 and you have no time to look up imagery and thought provoking thoughtshowers, don’t wait any longer!

Slackrpoint is the solution to all of these problems! Check out the presentation2.0 featurette (click anywhere on the screen to go to the next slide) and download Slackrpoint to create your own! Simply add the JSON object in slides.json.js to fit your slides! Slackrpoint will illustrate and annotate for you, by pure web2.0 entrepreneurial spirit and witchcraft!

slackrpoint = {
subtitle:’the presenter’s timesaver’,
author:’Chris Heilmann’,
date:’3rd August 2007’,
current:0, // start slide
slides : [

mood:’problem’, // this defines what picture to load
thoughts:true, // Boolean to show thoughts or not
title:’oh dear…’,
content:[ // bullet points
‘we all know the problem:’,
‘you need to give a presentation,’,
‘and there is no time to find good mood images’


title:’the solution’,
‘you can ask your PA to collect photos’,
‘you can only go with text’,
‘or you can use slackrpoint’



To Do:

  • Hosted version
  • Offline version using Google Gears
  • Facebook plugin
  • Air version for your desktop
  • twitter integration

If you are a venture capital company or you are looking to support up and coming web2.5 superstars contact me. I have a suit and can spend other people’s money if I need to!

Happy Friday!

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