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Yummy – add boomarks to your wordpress blog with a simple plugin

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Ok, time to release another plugin for WordPress. This time I wanted to easily implement bookmarks into blog posts without having to use a server-side component and add to the already slow loading of this blog. The solution was to use JavaScript and load the bookmark data only when you request it. This means that my blog post does not show a lot of links and thus become suspicious to search engines and it also means that I don’t create lots and lots of trackbacks to other blogs (I hate following a trackback just to find another “my links for the day” post).

Anyways get the dynamic delicious plugin for WordPress, install it and start showing links in your posts without messing up the social web.

The plugin allows you to use a special syntax for links, which is the following:

[ delicious:Link Text,user,amount of links,tag]

For example:

[ delicious:My Links on JavaScript,codepo8,10,JavaScript] becomes

[delicious:My Links on JavaScript,codepo8,10,JavaScript]

The tag is optional, so you can also use:

[ delicious:My Latest Links,codepo8,10] becomes:

[delicious:My Latest Links,codepo8,10]

The plugin is licensed Creative Commons Share-Alike. Enjoy.

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