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Seeking a US counterpart – are you in the Silicon Valley and ready for a real web development challenge?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 at 7:06 pm

Coming back from @media, I am sure the world is full of amazing developers. Almost every speaker said something along the lines of “you know all this already” (effectively intimidating the ones in the audience who don’t, but that is another story). So now I want to see if you can bring on what is allegedly there.

I need a counterpart of mine in the U.S., specifically in the Silicon Valley. This is an amazing opportunity as it means:

  • working on one of the biggest products Yahoo! currently has (11m registered users and counting)
  • working with a brand new, enthusiastic team re-architecting the system from scratch using best practices in development, ensuring web standards compliance, unobtrusive scripting, accessibility and the adding of extra semantic layers
  • working with one of the main engineers of a MVC framework to create the frontend layer and help it scale to the necessary dimensions
  • ensuring i18n readiness for currently 20 languages, but growing weekly
  • ensuring that both the teams follow the same agreed standards and work effectively together.

If you pull this off, it is going to be the biggest chocolate star in your career you can have. The team is an absolute joy to work with but it is tricky to cover both the UK and the US parts as 8 hours time difference is tricky to juggle.

So, what you need to bring:

  • Excellent knowledge of web semantics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Excellent knowledge of browser quirks – what breaks how and how to fix it
  • Solid knowledge of running a small team
  • Good knowledge of templating, using APIs and debugging PHP
  • Good knowledge of accessibility issues and workarounds
  • Knowledge/Acceptance of the YUI as the library to work with
  • Being on-site (don’t bother with proposing telecommuting, you know it does not work)

I hear all over the place that the war for web standards is won and that we can do all these things, but finding people who really come through in interviews is another issue.

Send your proposals and CVs to me, I will treat them with all confidence. I am really not kidding when I am saying that this is a massive opportunity both to show the world that what we preach works but also get the satisfaction to have fixed a massive chunk of the web.

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