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Open Hack Day London Speakers List

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 at 10:56 pm

Yay, the speakers list for the Open Hack Day in London is out. As explained on the official blog attendees can look forward to the following talking about the following topics:

  • Jonathan Trevor – Yahoo! Pipes
  • Cal Henderson – Flickr
  • Ian Forrester and Matt Cashmore – BBC API
  • Christian Heilmann and Nate Koechley – Yahoo! User Interface Library
  • Kent Brewster – Yahoo! Developer Network
  • George Wright – BBC Interactive TV services
  • Mirek Grymuza – Yahoo! Maps API
  • Mor Naaman – Yahoo! Research Berkeley / Zonetag
  • Dan Catt and Aaron Straupe Cope – Flickr / Machine Tags

I am proud as punch to be able to talk at Hackday and do a double act together with Nate Koechley, and I am looking very much forward to meeting all the others. I will share the flight back to the UK on Tuesday with Nate so there is a big chance that we will write the talk on the plane.

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