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YUI DOM Collapse – Show and Hide anything in the document by adding a CSS class to its previous sibling

Thursday, May 24th, 2007 at 7:21 pm

I’ve upgraded my old DomCollapse tool to use the YUI, add bookmarkability or look a lot prettier using the YUI, opacity and animation.

  • It scans the document for elements with a CSS class name of trigger.
  • If the element is not a link it will
  • hide the next element in the document
  • create a new link inside the current element and
  • alternately show and hide the next element when you activate the element (either by clicking with a mouse, or hitting enter on the keyboard after tabbing to it).
  • If the element is a link it will show and hide the element the link’s href points to. If that element does not exist it will show and hide the next element in the node tree instead.

You can get the code as a plain version or with fancy animations and both in live (minified) version and source versions. Best of all, I licensed it creative commons attribution, so go nuts using it for anything you want.

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