Christian Heilmann

The joys of online shopping

Monday, May 7th, 2007 at 7:25 pm

As I am about to head for the US and work there for some weeks I thought I use the opportunity to buy some stuff and get it delivered to the office so that I have it without having to carry a big suitcase full of stuff.

Alas, I cannot, as the reason is that on both of the web sites I tried to order from you can only use US credit cards. The calls to the call centres went like this:

“Hello, I am trying to order some clothes ($500 so far), so that they are in the US when I arrive but I have a UK credit card”. “Oh I am sorry, we cannot accept those, but I can give you the address of our UK branch if that helps” “how would that help to get them to the US?” “Let me ask the supervisor…”

So please please please with sugar on top: if you want to be an international company that wants to make money online then take on Visa cards from anywhere in the world, that is the idea of having a Visa Card!

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