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Powerpoint Karaoke Night

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007 at 12:29 am

Me doing the Powerpoint Karaoke

Today I went to the Powerpoint Karaoke Night in Farringdon’s “The Bear” pub. Whilst very successful in the US, the crowd attracted by this instance of the PPTKN was much like going to a lunch break at the office. All in all it was 6 people who all took on the challenge, 3 of which work with me.

Powerpoint Karaoke basically means that you give a presentation you don’t know. All the PPT files are randomly downloaded from the web and you have no clue what lurks behind the next space bar hit – may it be a new slide full of acronyms and schemas that don’t make sense or yet another terrible animation.

The crop of PPTs picked randomnly was very weird indeed and ranged from a presentation on cobras most likely assembled by 12 year olds to quantum physics. As with anything with the right people though, the evening was a very good experience and a lot of fun, so for the love of Ian, the organizer, get your arse in gear and come around the next time.

The location in Farringdon was a bit to my annoyance (I am not a city fan), but at least the bar tab we accumulated which came up to about 20 pound did not mean the bouncers kept us in to make up for the room use – the city is dead after 7 anyways.

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