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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Hey, seems like nobody is signing up for cubicgarden’s Powerpoint Karaoke (that is Powerpoint, Ian, not Power Point). I consider it a wonderfully stupid idea and I am game.

In other news, I started a stupid new blog and flickr group. The idea was born when I pointed out to a friend that it is amazing that women have so many shoes and handbags. She then asked me how many T-Shirts I have and I did realize that I have far too many. So what I will do now is:

  • Wear a different T-Shirt every day
  • Upload the Shirt photo to flickr and blog its story
  • Decide whether to keep or ditch it

All the ditched shirts will go either to a charity shop or to the clothes bank (depending on their state) or you can claim them on the blog (I will not cover postage, so that is on your cap).

Check it out:

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