Christian Heilmann

Getting ready for Singapore

Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 7:53 pm

I am right now burning 30 CDs (8/30 verifying right now) for my workshop on DOM scripting in Singapore in two days.

The flight is in 20 hours and will last 13 hours. I then have a day to recover until the 8 powerpoints with code examples and exercises for each will be shown to about 25 subscribers to the course. The really scary thing is that I have no idea what hotel I am in, but the organizer of the workshop promised to pick me up from the airport (that would be a first, I’ve never been picked up before!).

I will be back in London on Sunday morning and will leave again on Wednesday for the Highland Fling and will stay in Edinburgh until Sunday, most likely sharing a flat with Andy Budd.

Seeing that I normally only sleep 5-6 hours and write most of the time on the laptop, I really start to wonder why I pay for such a nice flat :)

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