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Top Five Reasons why I blog

Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 7:06 am

I’ve been tagged by Ann Arbor of 3.7designs to talk about the top five reasons I blog. Oh well, normally I don’t play the tagging game, but why not?

Reason 1: I wanted to keep a repository of what I do and feedback I get for it

This is actually how that started. I created a lot of scripts and stuff at onlinetools and got lots of emails (amongst the avalanche of spam) asking for add-ons, reporting bugs and asking me how much a commercial implementation would cost. As my email servers were not the most stable and the spam got very annoying (gmail wasn’t out yet) I started to blog instead.

Reason 2: I am constantly tinkering away with ideas

With new jobs I got less free time and didn’t want to write full scripts any longer but sometimes just jot down a nice thought or a half-baked idea. What better place to use than a blog?

Reason 3: I want to keep people updated of changes I did to products already released

In the past I played with mailing lists and of course these also got spammed quickly enough. Hence a blog with an RSS feed was the best option.

Reason 4: Networking

There is nothing better to connect to other people than having a blog, pinging them and trolling your own stats for links from other blogs. I actually found some colleages to hire that way. Flickr is also a great place for that.

Reason 5: Promotion

Having a blog that gets linked a lot is a great chance to promote your or other people’s stuff. It is just fun to use google as your bookmarks ;-)

These are my reasons. let’s tag others:

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