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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 1:30 am

Earlier tonight (before we ended up with free drinks and a Chinese meal in Chinatown) I recorded a podcast for the German site Technikwürze which was a podcast with a twist.

Instead of being interested in what I had to say (be fair – who would?) the maintainers wanted to have some expert information about Flash and accessibility, and I translated and sent the questions the podcast maintainers had to Niqui Merret and Aral Balkan.

Taking this knowledge I tried to convey what their ideas (and boy they are great ideas) in German and was aided by one of the highlights of the German accessibility world Tomas Caspers who had a lot more to say about the implications of Flash on screenreaders and other assistive technology than I could ever muster.

It certainly was the weirdest conference I had done in while and if you speak German it might be a fun thing to listen to.

Technikwürze also published the answers of Niqui to my questions in English, so it’ll be worth while visiting the site anyways.

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