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No more dead links – My first go at a WordPress Plugin

Saturday, September 9th, 2006 at 6:23 pm

I’ve just played with an idea for a wordpress plugin. If you [link:,download this plugin] and install it you can use the following syntax for links in your posts:

[xlink:url,text,xfn data]

The plugin will then check if the url exists and create a link if it does or otherwise add a DEL element with a class called “brokenlink”. The xfn data is optional and there is no testing as of yet. In order to make them work you need to use the [link:,valid XFN data] values.


  • [link:,My Articles,me] ( – me XFN)
  • [link:,My scripts,me] ( – me XFN)
  • [link:,Drew McLellan,friend met co-worker colleague] (http://allinthehead – friend met co-worker colleague XFN)
  • [link:,] (should be broken)

My inspiration

The inspiration for this was Tom Croucher’s talk at barcamp London about the self healing web. [link:,Read more about it on his blog].

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