Christian Heilmann

Is my quest for a good multi-platform IDE over?

Monday, July 31st, 2006 at 4:38 pm

I just installed Aptana and peeked at some of the Aptana Screencasts to see what this IDE can do and I am very impressed.

I am a sold to Homesite, ever since version 2.5, but lately I found myself more and more using my Mac and I hate using different IDEs. WordWrangler and CSSEdit seemed to odd as an IDE (give me shortcuts, not floating toolbars), Dreamweaver was just too overwhelming and costs too much, and others were just not my cup of tea.

Aptana, however, seems to be really focused on web development and integrates all the big JavaScript libraries. That way using the YUI is a lot quicker as the IDE autocompletes all those long namespaces.

Now, if only I knew that it supports UTF-8 as well as UltraEdit does, then I’d be sold to this one. I’ll give it a spin and keep you updated as to my findings.

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