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Becoming Clueful – a collaborative article about what web developers expect from clients

Friday, July 28th, 2006 at 7:53 am

Esther Schindler has been busy asking members of evolt’s the list what their biggest pains are when dealing with clients are. Or – in other words – what developers would love their clients to know. The result is called Becoming Clueful and was released at IT Business Net yesterday.

It is an article full of good information, albeit I’d loved to see some more structure in it rather than a string of quotes. Something like a Top 10 myths and Top 10 annoyances with a lot of footnotes as to who said it would have been easier to read.

Anyways, my bit is on page 2:

“Clients seem to think that web development is like getting your car fixed in one of the quickfix garages: You agree a fixed price, bring it in, and pick it up after a certain amount of time,” says Chris Heilmann, a web developer in London. “In reality, a good web product needs buy-in and dedication from both the development agency and the client.”

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