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Preview of a plugin I will submit to the Yahoo! Developer Gallery soon

Saturday, July 15th, 2006 at 7:05 pm

I’d like to get some feedback on an idea for a plugin I developed for the Yahoo! Messenger.

My idea was to collate all the different search services I am using day by day into one plugin to save me the time to open several tabs when a contact asks a question.

I’ve uploaded the screenshots as a Flickr stream and would be happy to hear if you’d consider this worth while, and – more importantly, if there is anything else that would be cool and sensible to add.

Before you go nuts about “add this and that”, make sure that you can also provide an API I can use (in JavaScript / REST based) to get the results.

Some other options I thought about and discarded:

  • Audio search (as it is two steps with the Y! API)
  • Shopping search (what for, without localisation)
  • Local search & (for the same reason)

Thoughts? Either comment on flickr or here.

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