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Monday, May 15th, 2006 at 3:26 pm

Web Developer – Product Quality Support Team

Job Description

Yahoo! Europe is looking for an enthusiastic and web standards savvy Developer to join our Product Quality Support team.

Required Experience

  • Experienced in the use of the core client side technologies used at Yahoo – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Able to provide evidence of progressive enhancement techniques, a clear separation of the content, presentation and behavior layers in your code and unobtrusive use of JavaScript.
  • Strong working knowledge of modern web standards techniques, cross-browser development, client and server side performance optimization techniques, accessibility and search engine optimization.
  • Experience in the use of PHP for server side scripting.
  • Experience working within a UNIX environment, using CVS, content management systems and bug tracking tools.
  • Experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams and have the ability to collaborate closely with researchers, designers, project managers and product managers.
  • Understanding and interpreting design specifications is a key requirement to the role, as is excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with ambiguity.
  • Approximately 1 year industry experience.
  • Must have a Computer Science or relevant technology degree

Desirable Experience

  • Knowledge of web site internationalization issues and experience developing web sites in multiple languages particularly in Europe.
  • Use of the following technologies: Perl, XML / XSLT, Flash / ActionScript.


  • Implementation of feature enhancements that are critical to the quality of Yahoo! products in Europe.
  • You will be responsible for monitoring, prioritizing, assigning and fixing bugs and implementing product enhancement requests.
  • You will work closely with product managers, interaction designers, visual designers, user experience researchers, and software engineers.
  • Development of the front-end code (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • Development of the presentation layer on the server (PHP).
  • Using APIs provided by engineers in order to render the user interface of our products with the required content.
  • Template management involving the internationalisation and localization of product user interfaces. All products are built with a view to rolling them out across at least 5 countries in Europe. The web developer is responsible for setting up the templates so that as little as possible needs to be localized.

The successful candidate will work closely with Information Architects, Visual Designers, User Researchers, Software Engineers, and Product Managers to ensure that our web based products in Europe provide the best possible experience for our users.

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