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A DOM scripting enhanced template for Picasa (updated)

Friday, April 28th, 2006 at 11:00 am

It took me a while to find a tool to put my pictures on the web that does not create horrible HTML code and isn’t clunky to use. Most picture packages have outgrown their usefulness over the years and have become bloated media browsers with proprietary formats.

Then I discovered Google’s Picasa and was instantly taken by its simplicity and slick interface.

I now discovered that you can “Pimp your Picasa” with own templates and created one myself.

You can download the template as a zip and unpack it to the template folder of your Picasa installation (on my PC this is c->Program Files->Picasa2->webtemplates). The template zip contains all the files in a folder called “dompreview”.

To export images, all you need to do is highlight them, press ctrl+w, choose the template and the image size and Picasa will do the rest.

The template features

  • HTML standard compliant output
  • Display of the big images in a layer above the thumbnails instead of a new page if the visitor has JavaScript enabled
  • Normal “new page” display when JavaScript is not available.

You can tweak the styles.css to your needs.

For a demo check the Santorini Picture Gallery .

The only thing I am missing a lot is that you cannot define alternative text for the images in Picasa, or am I missing something?

Update Following several requests, the large picture will now always stay in the visible area when you have to scroll the page, and not stay glued to the top. All you need to replace in already existing galleries in the dynpreview.js file.

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