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How would you like to be me? Looking for a Lead Information Architect

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 at 5:21 pm

I finally got the go-ahead to look for a replacement for me in the company I am still working for. I am leaving here on the 14th of April, and will join Yahoo on the 24th.

So, if you are:

  • A very web standards and quality orientated Interaction Architect
  • A good team leader
  • Experienced in various development Frameworks (.NET,Spring,PHP)
  • Fully up to speed on Accessibility regulations and development practices
  • Experienced in conducting Usability Testing
  • Interested to work in the South West of London / England

Drop me a line and your CV at the new email.

I will treat your CV with confidentiality and cannot promise anything. However, I do think I can find a better bunch of CVs here than our HR department can get through agencies :-)

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