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Thursday, March 16th, 2006 at 11:46 am

As much as I am annoyed with the web2.0 hype and a lot of products that are just clones of others (how many RSS readers are there?) I just had an epiphany of sorts when I was on the client site and had to do some work without my trusty laptop with Photoshop, Homesite, Word and all the other goodies.

It is pretty amazing how efficient you can work without your local software when you use what the web offers you:

  • Writely allows for uploading word documents, changing them and saving them again (this has been bought by Google, so some privacy fanatical people might object to it). Works good for simple documentation, but of course it seems to break makros and change tracking
  • Pixoh allows for uploading, cropping, resizing and turning pictures and saving them in an optimised fashion.
  • Meebo is a browser interface for all of the Instant Messaging Networks out there and allows you to stay in touch with your work mates without installing MSN, Yahoo or AIM.
  • Openomy allows you to store and share files with work mates (and stop you from abusing your personal FTP)

What I haven’t found yet is a cool online code editor that would allow me to upload JavaScript, HTML, PHP or CSS and edit in a color coded fashion. Has anybody web2.0-yfied the portable NVU yet?

Some good lists of Web2.0 apps:

And in case this bores you and you need the lighter side of the idea:

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