Christian Heilmann

Time to move on

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 at 10:20 am

Allow me to be a bit narcistic for a moment – don’t worry it does not involve a podcast of me talking about web design stuff:

I just wanted to announce that I am quitting my current job on the 14th of April and from the 24th of April (2 days before my birthday) onwards I will work for Yahoo UK as a web developer.

I am quite happy to join a company that dabbles in the same market sizes I worked in the last few years but really does subscribe to ideals like web standards and User Centric Design. To illustrate my dedication to this cause it might be of interest that I took a slight paycut and will not have the fancy “Lead Developer” title any longer. I think having fun and getting satisfaction out of what you do is more important anyways.

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