Christian Heilmann wants you to give it a lick of paint

Monday, March 6th, 2006 at 12:40 am, has announced a redesign contest. Quoting Martin Burns:

Hi folks
Ever looked at the evolt site and thought “I could do better than that”?
Ever thought “All very nice, but it’s a bit 1999”?
Ever thought “It’s not using half the potential that Drupal (plus
modules) gives it”?
Ever thought “Wish we could be as gorgeous as $insertsitehere”?
Well, now’s your chance. is proud to announce a grand
Design Contest, to
redesign If your entry wins, it becomes the new design – simple, eh?
Background, rules and so on at the 2006 WEO Design Contest
but the key things are:
1) The site’s staying in Drupal
2) Ease of implementation is as important as beauty of design
3) Entries in by end April

Give us a hand and have a go!

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