Christian Heilmann

The Super Browser

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 at 7:51 am

I always thought I am a bit crazy about my Firefox extensions, but over at they just tried out “what happens when you install all the available extensions (avoiding duplication of functionality) at once”: They call it the superbrowser and it sure looks colourful.

As always, the comments are quite interesting, too. I skipped the one mooing about bovine porn, but got quite interested in the one pointing to 50 Best Firefox extensions for power surfing. Power surfing? Binford!

The idea of the experiment was not to get rid of screen estate, but to see how stable Firefox is even with that ridiculous amount of extensions. Of course the comment asking how stable the browser stays when you surf a lot with all of these enabled and how many security holes they open has a point, too.

My favourite comment however was one that is both biting sarcasm and rings a bit of giving in to what happens anyways:

Not impressive. IE runs with a 100 spyware extensions everywhere.

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